Someone once asked me what changing the world means to me. I have always thought of it as something that happens one step at a time, by one person at a time. No one changes the world overnight or all alone. But if we all do what we can do, eventually it happens. Things become different. Sometimes people think they cannot do anything to change the world. They think they’re nobodies, or they decide they do not have the brains, the experience, the skills, the money, or the creativity to make a difference. But that’s just not true. Everybody can do something. If that something does not seem like very much, that’s okay; do it anyway. I remember when I wanted so much to share Jesus with someone and I could not find anyone who needed to know about Him. So, I prayed and asked God to give me opportunities. He did.


If you don’t think you can do anything to make a difference, start praying. Pray that God will give you the chance you need. Especially if you are a Christian, ask God for a way to share His love with someone. If you can tell one person about the hope of Jesus and they tell another person, eventually you can bring a lot of change. Not everyone will believe what you say about Him. Not everyone will take it well. But if you can help one person change and that one can help someone else, you can make a huge impact. Just do what you can do, even if it seems very small—because it might just turn into something really big.


Excerpted from Live Original by Sadie Robertson, copyright Sadie Robertson.