World Radio is an organization located at WFR Church. We support global radio stations that broadcast the gospel all over the world. Our mission is to preach the gospel to all men in their own language. Click here to check it out!


WFR Relief is an organization that provides help when a crisis strikes. We provide assistance globally to hurting people in their time of need. We are on the site of major natural and man made disasters. We would love for you to be involved. Click here to learn more about this great ministry.


WFR Missions is just that, Missions. We go all over the world to build orphanages, help the poor, repair damage, give food and medicines, and most importantly preach the gospel of Jesus. Over the years many people have been blessed through this ministry. We are always needing helpers to go and be the hands and feet of Jesus. If helping others is something you’re interested in click here.



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