The Embrace Life curriculum and program equips single new moms on how to flourish in their relationship with God and not only survive in life but THRIVE! These brave moms will learn spiritual and practical ways to help navigate their way through life while using the Holy Spirit as their compass.

Chapters include: 


God has constructed each of us with a built-in, inherent value He assigned to us before we were even born. When we discover there is nothing we can do, good or bad, that will ever change our innate value to Him, we can view ourselves with courage, empowerment, and gratitude as we navigate the adventures of life. We are eternally lovable in the eyes of our Creator, and there is no greater opinion than His! We are tethered to the One who deemed us forever-worthy!


We all want to know what we have been created to do, why we’re on this earth; and we will search all over to figure out who we are. Discovering our true identities helps us pilot our lives according to God’s plan. This starts with uncovering our roots as daughters of God. Once we know Whose we are, we have access to all of the beautiful intricacies He created within our unique identities and can embrace who we are. We can steer our lives in the direction of impacting the world with our individual gifts and testimonies. There is no one else who can do what each of us was created to do!


As we discover more about the adventurous life God created us to live, we will encounter moments requiring us to choose to remain on the ground, or bravely rise to new altitudes. Practical and spiritual growth is not something that happens by chance but something we intentionally choose in order to learn more about God and grow in our relationship with Him. Baby steps are sometimes the catalyst to fulfilling our greatest purposes. Setting reasonable, practical goals can help us grow toward reaching our dreams. We can step out of our comfort zones, look fear and defeat in the face, and tell them to get out of our way! God has given us purpose and power to make our dreams become reality!


The world glamorizes things like daily hustling and shopping ‘til you drop, but God has better plans! Organizing and aligning our resources with God’s word can bring unexpected peace and provision. God wants to be our source in every area of our lives. When we learn to organize and steward our finances, time, and rest, we see unexpected blessings and miracles happen in our lives! We know our happiness does not come from any resource of the world, but abiding in the provision of our loving Father. He wants more for us than enduring the daily grind! He wants us to fully enjoy the adventures He’s created!


The journey of life should never be embarked upon alone. The co-pilots in your life hold a particular role in having the authority to speak into and influence your decisions and direction in life. Those we bring along must be entrusted with our best interest in mind. The people we surround ourselves with, and the state of health of each relationship, including friends, family members, and dating relationships affects every area of our lives. People who see us the same way God sees us and call out our destinies are the only people who deserve to be in our close quarters. God wants you to have people to do life with and He wants the co-pilots in your life to be life giving!


As the pilot of your life, the passengers are yours to direct and those whose course you influence and prepare to journey into their own adventure. Those passengers are your children. You have been gifted most precious cargo! Your choices and actions influence your children’s successful adjustment to their own life adventures. You lay crucial groundwork and structure for your children to dream, do, and accomplish everything God created them to do! This is an honor to celebrate and take seriously. For such a time as this, you have been entrusted with the blessing of raising children in today’s world. They are called to great and mighty roles in life, and your parenting will prepare them to pilot their own adventures!


We were created to be a light to the world—to show the world an accurate representation of who God is, through our love and actions. The fuel of our lives should be to mirror the pure heart of our Father! Purity is not something we strive for, but something we radiate when we show others the true love of Jesus. We have been given this gift of being made pure through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross; we have been entrusted to steward this gift well. We have the honor and ability to worship through our physical purity, as well as purity of our heart, soul, and mind. With our eyes fixed on God, we can reflect beautiful restoration and redemption He’s created in our lives.


Life will continue changing, and new situations will require us to seek more of God, more of His freedom. We will walk through seasons of waiting for provision, waiting for breakthrough, waiting for promises to be fulfilled, but through it all we are given sustaining grace, to save us, and empower us to soar again. There is purpose in every day. We have been created to rise and soar from glory to glory sharing our stories, serving and loving others, conquering trials, discovering new victories, and bringing glory to the One who redeemed us and created the most adventurous lives we could have ever imagined!

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