The future,

The one just ahead,

It looms large

Threatening destruction

And carnage.

If I avert my gaze

Away from the everlasting,

I would surrender my will

To forces beyond my control

And wallow in mire

Too deep for hope.


The battle rages

And fear does its worst.

The missles,

When I close my eyes,

They ricochet inside my head

Holding respite at bay.

And then,

Just when all hope is lost,

I see a lamb

Or maybe a lion.

And he is victorious.

Reality! Ultimate reality!

How I long for it.

The victory!

I pant for it too.

I mean the win,

That triumphant dance,

When I will taunt

My suffering,

As though it never happened,

As though it never mattered.

Come! O day of victory!

O day of restoration,

Appear from the heavens.

Make things right again.

Fill my soul

And right my wrongs.

I am ready