God is definitely using Celebrate Recovery through the church. We have started a 12 step study with the ladies and we continue our CR large group for any new folks. We have prayed hard for the community to get involved with this program and those prayers are being answered. We are signing off on court ordered folks that need hours on “self help” and our prayer is that they keep~coming~back.  One of those forerunners is Josephine Aragon.  She was a meth dealer, very active in a gang, abandoned her kids (whom we have known for 3 years.. long before we met her).  She is a faithful believer and uses her story to help so many through CR.



Porch Ministry


JD would often mention we needed a “porch ministry”. We actually spend a lot of time praying with folks, planning, listening etc. Living onsite has SO many challenges but also provides us great “drop in” opportunities.  As if we can live here onsite long term is taken one day/one year at a time.  For now, sharing tea time and as well as a safe place to share is proving to be effective.


Hosting Teams


Short term mission teams from Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, California, Arkansas, Oregon came out this summer to assist in helping our elderly, our young people, the church, our family and the community at large. They also help us maintain our church property.  Collecting fire wood for our firewood ministry, running a VBS and hosting a family cookout movie night could not be done without the help of these visiting teams and we are thankful for the help of each group.



We are thrilled to announce another from our youth group (high school senior) was baptized over the summer by Tyler Sirokman. Please pray for Tre and his commitment to Christ after two and a half years of attending youth night and church on Sundays.  Tre also had a baby, we know that there are tough challenges ahead of this young man but he is making efforts in the right direction.




The youth group has continued to bring us new teens (not pictured here), some who stay and some who have found a group that is meeting their spiritual needs as youth in todays world. So many topics have been discussed on Wednesday nights as we try and prepare these young people for the road ahead, most of which are graduating high school in 2018! 



Bible Study


Bible study on Sunday evenings has been a good time to meet with church members. Going thru and finishing the book Purpose Driven Life we are on to our next topics of study. Marvin Yazzie has taken on the role of teaching the bible study for Sunday evenings, and also adding singing to the Sunday evening worship time (a first outside of the Sunday am worship), giving us an opportunity to learn new songs in English and Navajo.


Adding to the TC mission Team


So many have prayed for local help in the Tuba City Ministry!!  God is providing!  We are so thankful Tyler Sirokman (who has come out for 3 summers in a row as intern) has committed to move out to Tuba City post college graduation in June of this coming year. Tyler has an amazing gift of ministering to the youth, in addition to offering such great help with working with visiting mission teams.  Tyler has a heart to share Jesus, an amazing testimony that helps him reach so many, is ambitious, and is a great face of the Tuba City Church of Christ. He will always be working toward his Masters in Religious Education and Missional Leadership through Rochester College during his time in Tuba City.


A Genuine “Thank you” from the Kee’s


We want to thank each of you!  We appreciate your time you give to visit us, we appreciate the calls, the texts, the monetary support, the groups help and of course your prayer for this continued important work on the Navajo Nation. We are seeking additional support for Tyler and his help in this ministry as the youth group is an obvious place of growth and development in this church and community. Again, thank you for your involvement!